Our Gear

From time to time we find an item that's worked well for us. When we do, we share that with you...or at least try to remember to share. Here's a collection of items we find work well for us. We won't recommend anything we haven't actually used ourselves, so as you can imagine, our little starter list here is sure to grow.

Galley Favorites:

Instant Pot Lux 60

We use our Instant Pot weekly and love how well it works for us. You can read our review here

Nuwave PIC Flex Induction Cooktop

Move over LP gas range. This has proved a great addition to our galley gear.
Check out our review here.

Nuwave Induction Cookware

You have to be sure to use pots and pans that are compatible with an induction cooktop. We liked the look and quality of the Nuwave pots and pans after using the one that came with our cooktop. And yes, you can use them on any gas or electric stove. Here's our review


Blue Ox Avail Towbar

Blue Ox is a "go to" for many in the RVing community. It's easy to see why. Here's our review

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