man eating shrimp
Eating. We all do it, and being full time RVers, we do most of our own cooking. But once in a while we allow ourselves the splurge of eating out. We try to remember to pack lunches and are usually home in time for supper.  I try to plan meals and lay out a weekly menu that allows for quick and easy reheating on travel or explore days. For those times do we eat out, here’s what we’ve liked. A list that’s sure to grow.

FAST FOOD CHAINS: (In no particular order)

We’re not super “foodies”, and being a bit more frugal than not, fast food is a treat out for us. Here’s our faves that we’ve liked so far in our travels


We finally got to eat at one when we picked up Miss Emmy in GA. A bit on the high end for fast food, it’s well worth the price for the great tasting and high quality food. And they are a wonderful change up from the typical burger place.

In-n-Out Burgers

Oh yeah. We had only enjoyed these guys in CA, but were thrilled when we came across them in Austin and San Marcos, TX. Probably our overall fave for burgers. Great price, super simple menu and great, fresh quality food.

What A Burger

The Texas version of IN-n-Out with a Texas size menu of variations on burgers. Also has great fresh quality food. Pricing a bit higher but worth it.


Picture sit down fast food. Seriously. You are seated by a hostess. You order off a menu with wait staff. They bring you the food. Steak-n-Shake specialize in steakburgers, but their Taco Salad is pretty good too. And prices are great. We first ate at one in GA when we got Miss Emmy are were quite pleased and have eaten at others in MO.

Taco Cabana

I don’t know if they are outside of Texas, but this fast food Tex-Mex place is quite good. We love their fajitas. They are a tad higher than most (Like Chick-Fil-A), but the food is good and portions are generous. If we eat a late lunch there, I usually don’t have to cook anything for dinner!


Nice wide variety menu, good food. Good price. Good service. Yummy frozen custard.


When we do a splurge meal, it’s usually for a specific reason/event. (Birthday, Anniversary, etc...) Here’s where we’d go again.

Mario's on the Seawall, Galveston, TX

We did a splurge lunch to celebrate being back on the Gulf Coast. Mario's has excellent Italian food and offers a wonderful lunch buffet. Great food and service!

Stingaree, Crystal Beach, TX

We dined here for our anniversary, and it was worth every penny. Excellent seafood. Great steak. Great Cheesecake. Super service. Fun atmosphere and a super view to boot. It’s a casual place with fine dining.

Riscky’s Steak House, Ft. Worth, TX

No real reason other than “Hey. We’re in Ft. Worth, TX. It’s 2 months of fulltime rving. Let’s get a really good steak.” Our pastor in SD recommended Riscky’s. And he was right! We went there for lunch. Excellent steak, sides and service.

This is just a simple list of what we've liked. We have not received any compensation for listing a particular establishment.