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Chris and Betsy (As We Go)
(L to R) Betsy and Chris a.k.a "As We Go"
So, who is/am/are the folks who call themselves “As We Go”?

Well, that would be us. Chris and Betsy. A couple of kids from SE Michigan who met, got married and loved road trips.

An employment opportunity took us to Seattle, WA where we lived for nearly 30 years, were active in our church, raised our family of four, and still loved road trips.

Fast forward several years. The kids are all grown and on their own, and God led us to move to SD. There, in addition to working, we were active in our church and He used us to start a community theatre (check them out at  And yes, taking road trips. Mostly back to see the kids.

Those road trips led us back into camping, and now you find us traveling the country in an RV.
And why do we call ourselves “As We Go”?

It was inspired by a conversation with our dear friends, David and Martha. We were discussing the verse in Matthew 28:19. “Go ye therefore…” and how in the original language the phrasing is more like “As you are going…”. The next morning it hit me… "As you go” …well, for the two of us, that’s “As we go”.  A reminder that it is the Lord who sets our directions, guides our steps, and puts people in our path.

So, our travel plans are very flexible, and we look forward to what God has in store for us in this season of life of exploring this nation of ours. And yes, we will make it up to see our kids…and grand-kids…as often as we can!

Safe Travels, And who knows, maybe As We Go, we’ll meet you on the road!

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