Thursday, May 6, 2021


May 2021

As many of you know, we ran into a challenge on the road after leaving Fredericksburg TX.

For those of you we haven't met yet or don't  know what happened. We had a mystery coolant leak and a fellow Fleetwood Discovery owner helped us locate and diagnose it when we arrived in the park. We thought we had it taken care of.

Then we had another coolant leak.

We got to the Freightliner shop in Amarillo thinking it was just a hose. We were wrong. Very, very wrong.
They discovered our Miss Emmy now has a crack in the underside of her engine block. The techs said we could ger her to our northern home base in SD as long as we kept feeding her coolant. To help her along, I (Betsy) am driving the Jeep instead of us towing it. Follow the leader for our 800 mile trip isn't a whole lot of fun, but it helps. We're sticking to surface routes (US highways) as much as possible and traveling at 50-55 mph which also seems to help.  

We are seeking God's wisdom and direction on our next steps...and have 3 things is place so far....
We're not hanging up our keys
We we will be making the repairs
We will not go into debt to make the repairs

Please pray for us as we continue our trek to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sancturay where we spend the summer workcamping in our northern homebase state of SD.

Thank you all.

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