Monday, August 26, 2019

More Than Mayberry

Mount Airy, NC is more than Mayberry.

We sort of stumbled on it as we were making our back to SD for our work camping commitment. Mount Airy was, as we paced our travel, the next stop. And what a fun stop it proved to be! Since we only had one day, we were limited in what we could see and so decided to focus on the Andy Griffith Museum.

It was a fun, and interesting visit. Reasonably priced. Full of memorabilia ranging from Andy’s growing up years to his success as an actor. Yup, small town boy makes good.

And there lots of cool behind the scenes stuff, like scripts, sketches, etc.

The visitor center was super helpful, make sure you stop there first. And parking was free.
Yes. Free

We’ll need to get back up there someday. They have a vibrant arts community and so much more.

Besides, we still want a ride in that squad car 😉

For more info on the museum:
Where we stayed:

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