Friday, May 31, 2019

RV Quick Tip-Fairgrounds

Do you camp at fairgrounds?

Part of the fun, and challenge, of our full-time RV lifestyle…where to camp.

Long-term is not the big challenge. After all, when one is work camping, that solves where to stay during peak travel season 😊

But when traveling to get to a specific location, we sometimes need a place for just one night. We use a couple of apps to find places, like Passport America, Allstays, and RV Parky.

Now, we do know that boondocking, blacktop surfing, wallydocking and other dry camping options are out there, but sometimes, you (well, we) need to have our electricity going. And we have found a little utilized location that seems to work well, especially if you want/need electric hookups.
State and county fairgrounds.

Many of them will allow you to camp there, and have at least electric hookups available. Some even have full hookups! Sites are anywhere from grass to gravel but tend to be fairly level. And they are less than your traditional RV park.

The catch…if they have a major event going on (like the fair itself or a rodeo), you may not be able to stay there.

But we’ve had good experiences with fairgrounds so far.
Hope you found this helpful!
Take care, and who knows…As We Go, maybe we’ll see you on the road! Safe travels!

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