Thursday, April 25, 2019

Memphis on the Fly

March of the Peabody Ducks

 When you only have one day to visit a city and a limited budget, you pick and choose carefully the bits and pieces you’ll visit. So, I hopped online and searched for “free things to do in Memphis TN”.
And there were a lot more than just two or three options. We opted to focus on three.

We chose to see the March of Ducks at the Peabody Hotel (which we were barely in time for…next time we’ll get in early enough to score a ground floor seat!) In 1935, Author David Cohn said “The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel….if you stand near its fountain the middle of the lobby, where the ducks waddle and turtles drowse, you will see everybody who is anybody in the Delta”

A quiet day on Beale Street
Then we walked over to Beale Street…after all, we are in Memphis. And you could tell it was the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, in the middle of non-tourist season. Several places were closed until evening, but you can sure tell that then,  hopping with nightlife!

We wrapped everything up with a stop at the Memphis Bass Pro Pyramid. Wow is all I can say…massive outdoor store, complete with duck pond, aquarium, alligator tank (all living!) in addition to the typical (and extensive) taxidermy displays and outdoor gear. To top it off, literally, they have an elevator that will take you to the top of the Pyramid for a grand view of Memphis and the Mississippi. Bonus for RVers, they do allow a free overnight stay in the parking lot. Check in with them. Not an RVer? The Bass Pro Pyrmaid also houses a hotel in addition to a bowling alley, arcade, and more.

Enjoy the video!

To learn more about the Peabody Hotel and the Peabody Ducks, visit:

For more about Beale Street, visit:

Additional information on Bass Pro Memphis:

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