Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Galveston Naval Museum-The Cavalla

Chris with Tom and Stacie on the deck
of the USS Cavalla
 Galveston’s Museum Day in January was a lot of fun, made more so by connecting with RV friends Tom and Stacie (RV Texas Y’all)

We met them for lunch after we toured the Galveston Railroad Museum and from there made our way to the Galveston Naval Museum (formerly the American Undersea Warfare Center).

Here you get sort of a two-fer-one on museums as two WW 2 vessels call the Galveston Naval Museum home.

Sailors bunked with the did some of the
Chief Petty Officers
The first one we toured was the USS Cavalla, a submarine. She served in WW 2 and has been called the "Avenger of Pearl Harbor". On her maiden patrol, the Cavalla sank the Japanese Aircraft Carrier, Shokaku, a veteran of the Pearl Harbor attack.

She was also tagged with the nick name Lucky Lady as she was commissioned on February 29, 1944, a Leap Year

Making our way through the engine room
It was surprising to see how much could be contained in such a compact space…makes our RV feel spacious by comparison. They also had Big Band music playing in the background...a nice accent to the period posters and information that was throughout the vessel.

Oh, and later on that day, we learned the top deck is currently (and appropriately named) Purpleheart wood. Her teakwood decking is currently in storage awaiting restoration.

If you get to Galveston, we recommend a visit…it’s an interesting slice of American history! We'll be launching a video on the USS Stewart soon!

If you want to learn more about Tom, Stacie and RV Texas Y’all, visit: or catch them on YouTube at

To learn more about the Galveston Naval Museum, visit

Know before you go:
The museum is located on Pelican Island at Seawolf Park. There is a charge for parking in addition to museum admission.

There is a small gift shop on site as well, and Seawolf Park has picnic tables, playgrounds and fishing areas

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