Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nomadiversary Video is Live

Well, we did it...actually got a YouTube video up about our Nomadiverasry. You can check it out here:

Saturday, November 3, 2018

First Nomadiversary

Happy First Nomadiversary to us! One year ago, on Nov. 3, 2017, we closed on the sale of our sticks and bricks house and hit the open road.

So far, we’ve been to 18 states (some of them more than once!) and driven roughly 13,000 miles.

We’ve seen purple mountains majesty, amber waves of grain and crossed the wide Missouri.
Adobe building overlooking Painted Desert
We’ve been to deserts and coastlines,
and saw snow on palm trees.

We’ve driven on back roads, interstate highways,
and Route 66.

looking upward at a sailing ship mastWe’ve trod the decks of tall ships
and shook hands with an astronaut.

We learned a lot of history (just don’t ask if I can remember it all).

We’ve visited a variety of churches and spent time with family and friends.

We’ve “camped” in everything from Wal-Mart parking lots to swanky RV resorts and all levels in between. Yup…home truly is where we park it!
Chris and Betsy shaking hands with an astronaut
We’ve had unexpected repairs, planned maintenance and did some updates. (There's always something...just like any house!)

Woman dressed as housekeeper on stage in a playWe spent the summer work camping (and did some theatre too).

And we got crazy an launched a blog, Facebook, Instagram and a YouTube channel.

And yes, I got behind on a couple of those over the summer… a goal for this year is to improve keeping up with all of those.

Route 66 sign, old Texaco Sign and old carBut all in all, it’s been a fun, crazy, wild, enjoyable, stressful, incredible, exhausting, fulfilling, joyful, amazing, wonderful, learning, nutso,  marvelous, refreshing, exciting....well, you get the picture. It's been a great time for us, and we love it!

What’s ahead for the next year? We honestly don’t know yet.

Motorhome in a campground with two photos of roadsWe have a couple of major things on tap, like a few months on the Texas Gulf Coast for the winter, work camping at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary again summer of 2019, and seeing our family in the Pacific NW.

But in between? We’ll see how the Lord leads.

But wherever it is, we’re so glad you decided to join us As We Go on our journey around the USA!
Thanks for coming along!! And who knows, maybe As We Go, we’ll meet you on the road!

Safe Travels!

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