Monday, August 13, 2018

We still exist

Our site, church and laundry day
We still exist...

But we are, admittedly, quite behind in content for here and YouTube.

And no excuse, really, other than our work camping gig has proved a bit more involved time wise with a staff shortage and days off being wrapped up in church, laundry, errands and several dental excursions (a total of 4 appointments and 3 (ouch) crowns).

As Mrs Fitzgerald, the housekeeper in
"Cheaper by the Dozen"
(And a paint sample for the cabinets)
Oh...and a short stint on stage with Southern Hills Community Theatre.

And that's O.K. We know God has us here for a reason...even if we don't know for sure what all that reason is. 😃

But I just wanted to let you know we are indeed still here. And hopefully will get more caught up with our blog and YouTube before we are traveling again.

Safe travels to you...and maybe "As We Go", we'll see you on the road!

Our co-workers at the
Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
PS. You can learn more about some of these places at:

Southern Hills Community Theatre:
Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary: