Friday, April 20, 2018

Tall Ships Galveston-an overview

tall ship at dock with flagsWhat a blast! We were able to get to not just one, but two days’ worth of the Tall Ships, and even that was not enough to see and do everything!

There were performers, vendors, tours, competitions and more between the main festival grounds and the Strand (historic downtown Galveston).

And there were the boats…amazing vessels of days gone by. Of romance and pirates and imagination. Beautiful. Hard working. Majestic.

4 people on a dock in front of a tall shipAnd people…lots of people. Including a couple of our favorites! We met Tom and Stacie Langlund of RV Texas Y’all. (

We’d been trying to connect while we were here in TX, and we were able to meet at Tall Ships. The fun part? We’d been texting back and forth but at last communication they were over across the bay at Texas A&M. As we walked in, who should be coming in on the water taxi as we walked by? Tom and Stacie! What timing! They’re great folks who have loads of info. You’ll want to check out their blog and YouTube channels.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words…video must be priceless…check out our YouTube “overview” of Tall Ships at and be sure you stay tuned….we’ll have some videos that give a closer look at the Tall Ships in future videos.

Oh, and here’s a few pictures to whet your appetite.

two acrobats

looking up the mast of a tall ship

Tall ships as seen from a water taxi

tall ship mast and dingy

tall ship at dock

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