Thursday, April 12, 2018

Quick Tip-I See You

Or it, as the case may be.

Sometimes working on an RV requires some ingenuity, like when you need see something you're working on, but can't get in to see what you're doing.

Chris was anchoring a stray wire in a small closet when we ran into just that.

How small was it? The closet door opening is about 8".  (Closet interior is a whopping 10-11" wide)

Anyway, in order to attach the tie down for the wire, he had to drill back in behind the door frame,  but couldn't really see what he was doing. And it was a very tight working space so I couldn't hold a mirror to help him see the area he was working on.

I love divine inspiration. Here's what we came up with.

We had a hand mirror with a handle.

We also had some thin Velcro wrapping strips.

So we simply put the Velcro through the hole in the handle, and then attached it to the clothes pole in the closet.

Voila! Not only could Chris see what he was doing, it even bounced some extra light onto the area he was working in.

Oh, and if you're wondering about that wire, it went to the outside "porch" light on the driver's side. No switch for the light and no power in that line. Chris spliced a line with a simple in-line switch off the closet light and now we can control that exterior light easily.

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