Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

motorhome at night under a full moon
We hope everyone had a blessed Easter Sunday. I know we did!

Today we attended out first Son-rise service on a beach, which was really cool!

And it's quite the event here on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Pastor Kay, pastor of the church we're attending here, strongly recommended getting there early...really early, as in a full hour, to have a decent parking spot and seat. Oh...and to bring our own chairs.

And so we did. We got up at o-dark-hundred. Or at least what felt like it. We got there around 6 am (service started at 7), and I'm glad we did. Within a half hour, 2-3,000 people were on the beach for the Son-rise service.

It was a wonderful Easter for us, even though we needed a nap later! (Can I have 2 naps today?) And we think it was even more wonderful for the folks that accepted the invitation and were baptized right after the service. (We missed that...had to go home, eat, and freshen up for the regular church service!)

But, you don't have to get up at o-dark-hundred for a taste of the Son-rise service scene, just check out our video on YouTube!

(Oh--and we didn't video the service itself...want to avoid any copyright issues!)

And just in case the video didn't work:
YouTube Channel link:
Video link:

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