Friday, March 16, 2018

Texas City Museum

building with large white ship anchor in front of entry
Texas City Museum
We took a day and went up to the Texas City Museum. They were having a special Maritime Exhibition Day and we thought it would be fun to see.

And it was. They had a variety of exhibitors from other museums, trade schools and tourism as well as their regular displays, which were great. And it was all very well laid out.

Civil War era ship's boiler and man dressed in civil war union army uniform
Civil War Exhibit, complete with a reenactor
Like all the museums we’ve seen so far in Texas, there’s always something about Texas Independence and the Civil War. In this case, the Civil War exhibit hosted a cannon, rebuilt boiler sections and more from the gunboat U.S.S. Westfield, that was sunk in the area during a battle. They also had a large display about the “Disaster of 1947” in which a freighter caught fire, that spread to another ship and a massive explosion ensued that totally up the town.

Got kids? They have a large, hands on activity room that was very popular when we were there. And yes, we played a little too. Helped "build" a dinosaur.
male and female adults dressed as classic 17th century pirates
This actually looks like a fun "job"

Part of the fun was the exhibitors, including a couple of pirates from Pirates, Legends of the Gulf Coast in Galveston. They were a hit with the kids. And we learned about some of the nature conservation going on in the area as well. A lot of migrating birds come through here, the salt marsh prairies are being restored and the Gulf of Mexico has National Maritime Sanctuary complete with coral reefs? (visit to learn more)

And what we didn’t expect to see (I admit, I didn’t do much homework before going) was a huge model railroad display.

The 2nd floor of the building is home to the Galveston County Model Railroad Club, and is open to the public on Saturdays. There were trains of all sizes and vintages with detailed layouts and some interactive buttons. 

retro movie theater
The Showboat movie theater is now an event center
We really enjoyed our time here. It was one of those delightful gems of a small-town museum that rated a long visit. Glad we packed a lunch!

If you go, admission is very reasonable (not free but very close!) and parking is free at a city lot about a half a block down or you can park in the street.

And don’t miss out on some of the fun, vintage architecture in town. Texas City is working very hard to improve their old downtown, and it shows.

You can learn more about the Texas City Museum at:

model train
One very small section of the model railroads

retro green retail or theater building
I don't know if this was always home to the newspaper,
but it is a pretty cool vintage building

museum exhibit of 1947 explosion disaster
Part of the "Disaster of 1947" exhibit

man looking at working model of rail yard roundhouse
Chris checking out one of the railroad set-ups

large-size model trains
See anyone you know?
This is called "Garden Scale"

Lionel model train sets
What would a model railroad exhibit be without
classic Lionel sets?

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