Monday, March 19, 2018

RV Mod-Showerhead

inside an rv showere
RV Mod-A Showerhead
As you may know, our Miss Emmy is 20 years old now. (read Meet Miss Emmy to learn a little more)

And, as you can imagine, some of her fittings and gear are original, and no longer made.

And believe it or not, some of it is still made and placed into brand new RVs today.

Like the basic, all purpose, in almost every single coach and trailer ever made one size fits all showerhead. Probably the main reason some folks (like me) dislike taking a shower in their RV.

older shower head on a table
Old basic, one size fits all shower head
Poor water pressure and temperature control.

Really poor water pressure.

It’s one of the first modifications we made to Miss Emmy once we went full-time. We upgraded the shower head.

It was actually quite simple to do as we didn’t have to replace the entire fixture. It’s only the showerhead and hose that are new.

new shower head still in boxWe went with the basic Oxygenics showerhead that has an inline shut off valve. That’s key for rving. Helps you save on water usage and grey (waste water) tank space. It’s designed to “boost” the water pressure in the shower head itself. RV’s operate with a lower water pressure than houses do.

TIP: Use a water pressure regulator whenever you connect your rig to a campground city water connection.

All we had to do was unscrew the old hose and remove the shower wand bracket.

Then screw on the new hose and mount the new bracket.

Voila! New shower experience, and no more treks to the public showers.

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