Monday, March 26, 2018

RV Mod-Galley Sink Light

older rv light fixture mounted under a wood cabinet and over a kitchen sink spigot
The old light. It only lit one third of the sink, dimly.

Some mods are a bit more on the cosmetic side as opposed to a system update.

This one is a bit of both.

There was an old plastic 12-volt light fixture over the sink. We had two options…either replace the incandescent bulb with an LED one as we did in some of the other fixtures or replace the fixture.

(Our first quick LED update was simply replacing bulbs in the old fixtures when we first got Miss Emmy...a temporary solution.)
New LED light brightens the entire sink area 

Now, I admit it…I didn’t like the old fixture. It was pretty clunky looking under the cabinet where it was mounted, and I often felt like I would bump into it while washing larger items in the sink. That, and it only illuminated a fraction of the sink area.

So a new LED fixture was the order of the day.

We found this light on Amazon. It was much smaller and thinner than the original fixture it would replace and is a nice, natural light.
L E D lamp attached under a wood cabinet
The new fixture...
smaller, cooler, brighter, efficient

Here’s how we did it, but please note that this is not a step-by-step detailed  “how-to”, but perhaps something we share will help someone out. We are not pros or techs, Chris is just a bit handy with some things. If you are not 100% comfortable with doing a project, please stay safe and use a pro.

This mod was a pretty straightforward, surface mount install.

1. SAFETY FIRST. Shut off the power
2. Remove and dispose of the old fixture
3.Attach new fixture mounting brackets
4. Splice in new fixture
5. Mount new fixture
6. Turn power on and enjoy

The lamp seems well made and they gave it plenty of lead wire for installation. Every great once in a while we have to hit the little push-button switch twice. (I think you have to be pretty centered on it for best results) And so far, it is holding up well with our use.

We really like how much brighter it makes that area, and should the fixture quit working, we'd get another one.

The old fixture after removal. 
Note the  scorch mark.
By the way, if you have an older coach, you may want to check your fixtures.

When we pulled the old fixture out, we discovered the cover was scorched, brittle, and the fixture was rusty inside!

Yikes! Glad I didn't use it much!

And it helped motivate us to take care of all the other ones sooner than later.

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