Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hoofin’ It, Part 2

blue and white ferry boat at the Bolivar Peninsula dock

Well, that was an exercise in futility

We had high hopes for “Hoofin’ It, part 2”; our next on foot excursion into Galveston. We wanted to verify going across as foot passengers was a weekday travel option for the Tall Ships event.

And here’s what we learned.

Don’t count on the bus from the ferry terminal.
palm tree lined street with only a motorhome for traffic

We got up early…as in up with the birds early. And we got onto the ferry just fine. A beautiful crossing, gorgeous weather, and plenty of time to spare when we got to the dock in Galveston, with a good 20 minutes to spare.

We walked to the bus stop to wait that 20 minutes for the bus.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

20 minutes became 30 minutes. Then 40. Then 45 and we called the Island Transit office and got…

...voice mail.

We left a message.

We waited a bit more and finally took the ferry back across.

After we got home, Chris called them again. Annnnd guess what.

Yup. Voice mail.

So, he left another message. They still haven’t called back. In fact, as I write this a few days after our “adventure”, we still have not heard from them (and I think we can safely say that we won’t).

early morning view from upper deck of ferry overlooking cars on deck and a freighter in the distance with Galveston skylineOh well. Some places do great mass transit…some don’t. (And yes, we had verified the schedule via their website the night before. We also spoke with someone in their office back before our Saturday test run.)

Looks like we’ll be paying for parking at Tall Ships Galveston after all. But, I have a feeling it will prove a blessing that we did drive over and park. We know God has all these details figured out for us already.

After all, blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape.

And the day wasn’t a total loss. We enjoyed the boat rides and a nice drive on the beach. And at least now we know for sure how we’re going to and from Tall Ships Galveston.

Betsy of As We Go in hat, sunglasses, pink jacket talking and looking a bit rumpled
I think I need to ditch the straps and glasses before filming.

Oh...I also learned to be sure and check how I look in a mirror before filming myself....or at least try and remember to do things like shed the camera straps and take off the shades!

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