Saturday, March 3, 2018

Happy Surprises

old brick building with large arched doorYou never know what you'll find sometimes, and we had a delightful surprise, well a couple of them, while running a errands in Galveston.

On our to-do list was a visit to the Galveston Island Visitor Center, located is located in the carriage house of Ashton Villa.

But we needed a pit stop after the ferry ride over before we asked questions. (Oh... I guess that was our first question, and yes, they do have a public restroom there. )

black and white cat sitting under a garden benchThe staff led us to a lovely little courtyard and said to go through the black door.

Got it. Easy to find...but we were waylaid on the way. A couple of cats call the courtyard home. One was very shy and we only caught a fleeting glimpse.

The other one, well, can we say "Bustopher Jones" from the musical, "Cats"?

Perhaps his cousin anyway. A large black and white with personality cat who seemed to want to pose for his photo, and attention.

ballroom with large crystal chandelierThen we were back on track, through the black door and into another century...the restrooms were off to the side of this, for lack of another word, ballroom.

Wow. Never know what you'll find, even when running errands!

Grabbed a couple of interior photos, then another visit with the cat and we were back at the info desk learning about the bus system and the Tall Ships race coming in April.

man petting a cat in front of a garden fountainVisitor Centers are great, and we often hit them up for info on things to see and do. Yes, the internet has it as well, but it's more fun to get the human perspective on some things, like where to park for free and other tips.

Mission accomplished, to-do list got done, and
yes, the "Bustopher Jones" song is stuck in my head.

large brick victorian home with palm trees

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