Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Transitions-90 days out

large class a motohome towing a jeep wrangler
Ready to roll out of the Blue Ox facility in Pender, NE
One thing about going full-time rving…there’s change. We’re 90 days into this new season of life, and we’re making another change. Nothing "major". It’s just a shift from one mindset into another. And there’s been a couple of those.

 The first leg of our travels was focused on two things. Get south. Get some work done on the coach. We got her oil pressure gauge fixed, the Blue Ox tow system installed, a foggy window de-fogged, and some unexpected air brake work done. So checking things out “tourist-wise” was pretty limited.

We finally made it all the way down to Galveston, TX and on the way had everything from sub-zero temps to snow to 75* and sunshine. And we saw and learned a lot on the way, slowly transitioning from head south/RV work mode to vacation mode. Once the air brake issue was resolved (That story is called Brake Down), we began to slow down and stop to “smell the roses” (In Tyler, we did do just that. Read our Yellow Rose of Texas post to learn more)

woman riding longhorn steer wearing a saddle
Playing tourist in Ft. Worth
In Galveston we made another mindset shift. We paused for three full weeks and in retrospect I think we had finally hit full “vacation mode”. We were total tourists that fully enjoyed the location. While still in that “vacation mode” we had a destination driven stop to make, and headed back north to Dallas, TX for a church conference. We stayed a full week to get a break on the price, then extended a few days due to weather. The wintry weather kept us from being too touristy, but we did get to go into Ft. Worth for the daily cattle drive and a great steak.

Our “vacation mode” continued and began to morph as we headed back south. A 2-week layover in San Marcos and then back to Galveston, only this time we ended up on the Bolivar Peninsula for at least a month. We’re still adjusting to this new lifestyle. It’s a wonderful slowdown, but now the adjustment to not working a “real” job and no longer involved in live theatre or our church it feels a bit dis-jointed and mis-placed at times.

Me as Coreen (in doorway) with Irene Fleming as Millicent
Play: "When Bullfrogs Sing Opera" by Carl L. Williams
Produced by Southern Hills Community Theatre
Transitions can (and do) feel weird sometimes, like today when I know SHCT is having auditions soon and I won’t be a part of the production at all (other than cheering them on from afar) or that I don’t have to get dressed and out the door to a job. For Chris, not playing keyboard at church or going to work. It just feels weird once in awhile. It’s a time of letting go and moving forward into what’s new for both of us.

But on the other hand, transitions are good. You can grow and learn through them and from them. They can be freeing as you let go of stuff, mentally and physically. And knowing the One who holds us safely in the palm of His hand makes all the difference. We don’t have to panic or worry about what’s ahead. God has control and He is leading us step by step. We’re so thankful for how He has provided for us and guided us along the way.

As we wrap up our first 90 days on the road, we look forward to what’s ahead, knowing the Lord has a plan for us, and we just need to stay close to Him as He continues to take us though this season of full-time RVing.