Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Mardi Gras float that looks like a castleWell, that was fun! Never experienced a Mardi Gras parade before.

Small town parades, yes. But not a Mardi Gras one.  Floats and entries were all shapes and sizes, and some of them really went all out.

And this Mardi Gras parade was definitely family friendly.

And yes, they threw the traditional beads as well. Lots of beads.
There was heavy rain almost up until the parade start time, but it tapered off and we were able to get out of the Jeep to watch.

And, of course, I had to grab some photos. (And catch some beads)

We got curious about a couple of the traditions and found a lot of information at
Golf cart draped in traditional Mardi Gras colors
"The first Mardi Gras parade was held in New Orleans on Feb. 24, 1857."

"The throwing of trinkets to the crowds was started in the early 1870s by the Twelfth Night Revelers, and is a time-honored expectation for young and old alike."

And as for the 3 colors: "Purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power."

large pile of Mardi Gras beadsWe enjoyed our rainy (yet warm) time at the Bolivar Peninsula Mardi Gras parade. And I think part of the fun was trying to catch the beads as they were thrown..a little tricky with camera in one hand. But I didn't do too badly.

But now ... what do I do with all these beads??

You enjoy the rest of the photos while I go figure that out....

Mardi Gras float with several Elvis impersonators

golf cart in Mardi Gras draping and masks

Mardi Gras float

Mardi Gras float decorated with slot machine posters

Mardi Gras float that looks like a fishing boat

Golf cart towing a small trailer, both decorated for Mardi Gras going past people catching beads

Police car with little girls dressed in Mardi Gras colors

a section of the Mardi Gras parade with many floats driving past group of people waiting for beads to be thrown


  1. By the way, we donated the beads to a local non-profit. :-)

  2. Congratulations on your freedom and your decision to blog about your travles. You are very wise to do this. We started a blog from our beginning of RVing 13 years ago, and it has become an invaluable resource for us--especially as our memories fade. Regarding the mechanics of writing a blog, you are on the right track, in my opinion. You may wish to read this post I wrote years ago about tips for bloggers: Happy travels!

  3. Thanks Mike! I appreciate your feedback and I'll check out your post on blogging too.