Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hot Springs National Park

road in campground in the autumn
It was a pretty drive, even into the campground.
Brief stop = brief post.

So brief I almost didn’t include it, but since the blog is also for ourselves and at the time I originally wrote this, I was still not really not sure if/what/how/get into blogging. As a result, this early attempt has been sitting on the computer for quite a while!

So I massaged it a bit and here we go…

restored building selling bottled water
One of the old bath houses now sells bottled water
We only had a brief overnight stop in this pretty section of Arkansas. After we set up camp in the local KOA we headed into Hot Springs. (note to self…next time, make reservations for this area-we were lucky to get a spot!)

We wanted to visit Hot Springs, AR even though we were pretty tired after finishing up repairs in Searcy, AR.

Since we used to live in Hot Springs, SD…it was sort of a ‘must see’ as bathhouses are a part of the history there as well.

old brick Fordyce bathhouse
Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center
Located in downtown Hot Springs, the old “Bathhouse Row” is actually part of Hot Springs National Park. Some of the buildings are still operational as a bath house, with one still doing the “traditional” baths, others are more of a modern spa. Some have been repurposed. Others are empty and undergoing renovation and re-purposing and their exteriors are lovely.

The old Fordyce bathhouse is now home to the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center. There you can do a self-guided tour and see what the bath house experience would have been “back in the day”.

old bathhouse in Spanish Revival architecture
Quapaw Bathhouse 
The history there is very interesting, and I’m sorry we didn’t get spend more time exploring the area.

Yeah. Brief overnight stops are just not enough time to do justice to an area, but our goal was to get further south and into (hopefully) warmer weather. And when you're tired, you don't even think in terms of taking photos.

We hope to get back someday and visit the rest of the area, including the rest of the National Park lands that are on the edge of town.

This skylight is in the Fordyce Bathhouse

entrance to old Quapaw bathhouse
Quapaw's main entrance

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