Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hairy Adventure?

workstation in a hairsalon
Waiting my turn
Okay, I admit that maybe adventure isn’t the right word here, but there's one thing that gets dealt with when you’re a full-time RVer.

Hair and haircuts.

For Chris, it’s easy. I just get out the clippers and buzz off what little he has left. Voila. Haircut done.

For me…. it’s a little more of a challenge. I wear my hair short, and ideally it should get trimmed up every 4 weeks.


It now runs every 4-6 weeks. The adventurous part comes in every time I get it cut. I used to try and find a good local salon….but honestly, that’s just too pricey anymore for us on our limited income. I guess you know where I go now.

That’s right, the “walk-ins welcome cheap places”. And you know what, they actually do a decent job, and the price is much better for our budget!

And the adventurous fun?

Well, you know how stylists and “experts” say you should change up your hairstyle periodically?

Woman with very short gray hair
Maybe a little teeny bit shorter than I like....
...but hey, it'll grow!
Yup. Happens every haircut.

Some will part it on the left, others on the right. Some not at all. Some only use a pair of scissors. Others will use clippers and scissors. Some cut it shorter. Some leave it a little longer. Some have been fresh out of school. Some have done it for years. So, every cut, I have a slightly different look.

And if I really don’t like the cut for some reason…odds are it will be somebody else somewhere else who will be doing the next haircut. And after all, it’s going to grow back.

And the advantage to short hair? I use far less shampoo, water and time to take care of it. Easy is good when it comes to hair….at least for me!

Yes indeed. Blessed are the flexible, for they won't get bent out of shape…. even when it comes to hair.

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