Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gear Review - Todeco Telescoping Ladder

Since we have a desire to ascend the heights…. of our motorhome roof…we recently purchased a Todeco Telescoping Ladder.

It's amazing what a difference a few extra feet of ladder make in RV care! And overall, we’re pretty pleased with the ladder. It’s:

→ Light weight (for its size)

→ Fairly easy to handle. One person can easily carry it, but having extra help when collapsing it is nice.

→ Has an additional add on bar for the ground end for added stability and control

→ Decent size rungs

→ Rated for 330 pounds

→ Fits perfectly in our storage bays

→ Feels pretty sturdy - It has some flex to it when climbing, but so do traditional extension ladders. It’s just a bit more bend than those.

It came with a pretty nice storage bag,
which we probably won’t use. The instructions are pretty minimal and some very simple assembly (attaching the stabilizer bar) is required.

When we extend the ladder, we can hear an audible click as each rung locks into place. There is a red/green indicator on each rung to let you know if it is fully locked into place, and you have to manually release latches on each rung in order to collapse it. (Watch your fingers so you don’t get pinched.)

 Now granted, this is not a daily climber for a contractor, but as a light duty ladder for our occasional excursions to the roof of our rig, it fit the bill perfectly. We can monitor roof and caulk conditions as well as handle some maintenance tasks. Neither of us is super keen on climbing ladders, but we both felt confident, and safe enough, to use this ladder. It’s a lot easier to climb than the vertical on the back of the rig!

~ All our reviews are simply our opinions based on products we have actually used and purchased.  We have not received any product or compensation for our review. ~

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