Saturday, February 3, 2018

Gear Review - Nuwave PIC-Flex Induction Cooktop

eggs being cooked in a frying pan on an induction cooktop
 It doesn’t slice, dice or turn the handle on an ice cream freezer, but it sure does stovetop cooking well.

The Nuwave PIC-Flex Induction Cooktop had been a real asset to us on the road. One big plus it has for us…. adjustable wattage settings. 600-900-1300. That means during really cold weather we can still run a small supplemental electric space heater in our older 30 AMP coach.

Being able to select the wattage helps provide control over energy usage as well, such as when we are in a monthly campsite and are paying for our electricity usage.

Even better is how quickly it comes up to temperature and how well it maintains that temperature for wonderful, even cooking.

The induction cooktops use an electro-magnetic system for generating the heat, so you have to be sure you have the right cookware. Just check it with a magnet. If a magnet sticks, it should work. (adapter discs are available to “retro-fit” aluminum, copper or other cookware)

The one we ordered came with a fry pan. I’ll review the cookware in another post.

 Induction cooking heats only the pan via the electro-magnetic system, which brings the cooking pan to temperature quicker and is safer that traditional electric or gas burners. (no open flames or exposed coils) The actual cooktop itself gets hot to touch from heat reflected back to it from the pan. The sides of the unit remain cool to touch, but like any cooking appliance, use with care.

 If you remove the pan from the cooking surface, the cooktop will beep at you and then shut down. It  does cool down fairly quick when turned off.

And yes, it does make a little “noise”. The unit has a cooling fan that runs while the cooktop is on.

As for the unit itself, the cooktop feels very well made. The control buttons have a good, solid feel to them and the digital readout is clear and easy to read.

In the box, you get the NuWave Induction cook top and a basic instruction/owners guide

Yup, a definite plus to our galley…and it helps us save on propane, too!

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