Sunday, February 4, 2018

Gear Review-NuWave Cookware

NuWave induction cooktop with frying pan cooking an egg
NuWave Cooktop and Pan
One of the disadvantages of the induction cooktop is you have to have induction compatible cookware.

Of course, the advantage is we got to get nice, new cookware. And these induction compatible pans can also be used on other gas and electric stoves.

When we purchased our NuWave Induction Cooktop, it came with one of their frying pans.
And after using it,  we were sold. We added the 3 QT saucepan and these 2 should meet most, if not all of our cooking needs as we also use the Instant Pot.

nuwave pot and lid on induction burner
NuWave 3QT saucepan
The pans are high quality construction with a Duralon Ceramic non-stick coating. The frying pan has a hard-anodized aluminum body, the saucepan is stainless steel. And the Duralon coating means no LEAD, PTFE, PFOA or CADIUM

They are well balanced and the riveted stainless-steel handles are well attached. The Duralon non-stick surface holds up very well under a variety of cooking scenarios, including burning something. (Oooops. I should have stayed focused 😉)

They are heavier than our old pots and pans, but since we don't need as many pots and lids, we actually gained on space and weight allowance. (our old set had a stockpot, 3 saucepans and 3 fry pans, all with heavy glass lids)

The heavy steel base means they sit very stable, are very warp resistant (if not warp-proof!) and conduct heat evenly over the cooking surface of the pan.

Of course, the usual care and feeding of non-stick cookware is recommended. Use silicone or similar utensils. Do not use harsh chemicals, scouring pads, steel wool, etc…. We like the Ritz Turn-a-bout Cleaning pad. It works great for all our dish washing needs.

We’re very pleased with the quality and feel we can highly recommend the  Nuwave Duralon Ceramic Nonstick Cookware. (Even if you aren't using an induction cooktop.)

~ All our reviews are simply our opinions based on products we have actually used and purchased.  We have not received any product or compensation for our review. ~