Saturday, February 10, 2018

Gear Review-Blue Ox Tow Bar

Motorhome towing a Jeep
 When one has a toad, one needs a way to tow it. We chose to go with Blue Ox.

We’ve had the Blue Ox system for over 3 months now and over all are very pleased with it.  We opted to go with overkill and got the Avail model, rated for 10,000 pounds. We liked the tow chains that came with it better and we wanted to be sure that portion was covered, regardless of the size and weight of our toad. 
We purchased the tow bar, drop hitch, tow plate, locking pins and cover. (We also got a brake system, but that's for a future review)

Yup, we got the “full meal deal”

Here’s our likes:
Appears well-made. As a friend of ours would say “robust construction”.
Heavy duty safety chains have a clasp-type hook instead of a basic “S” hook.
Ease of use
It tows well
Excellent reputation and build quality
Good customer service

And our dislikes (yes...they do exist!)

If you are not perfectly straight, it can be hard to disconnect from the tow vehicle. (The trick is to turn your steering wheel hard over in the direction it’s binding. That’s usually enough to allow you to get the pins out.)

The lovely raised gold lettering are stick-on letters. Sadly, they did not stick well and are coming loose. But that is in no way indicative of the high quality of the product! Blue Ox did send a new set of lettering to us in the form of decals, which should hold up better.

All in all we feel it’s an excellent product and that you won’t be disappointed with it.

Unless you are a skilled tech, we recommend you have the base plate professionally installed. We did our purchase and installation through the Blue Ox factory. 

Here's a Tow Bar like ours:

Here are some Blue Ox options for your consideration:

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