Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why we know what we know

     ...about RVing…
                       ...well, so far anyway.

man kneeling and checking air pressure in RV tire
Checking the tires before leaving the campground.
One of those basic be sure to do's that we leaned.

Before we launched on the road full-time, we did a LOT of research. Not just about various RVs, but the how-to’s and where to go and what to see.

YouTube became our friend, and here’s some of our favorites that we learned a lot from (and not in any particular order):

RV Texas Y’All 

As you may imagine from their name, a lot of great info about RVing in Texas. It's how we found some of the places we've stayed, like Jamaica Beach RV Park.

Long Long Honeymoon

One of the first ones we started following. Great tips in general, and specifically for Airstream owners, and generally fun to watch.

RV Education 101 – Mark Polk

Mark has probably one of the best channels for breaking things down in simple, easy to understand language for some basic things. (He's a retired RV Tech) When we have a how to question, he is one of the first places we check for info. He has also restored a couple vintage trailers and has documented the whole process.

Love Your RV

Ray is another favorite of ours. Easy, laid back approach and some great detailed how-to's and where to stay's.

RV Geeks

These guys really rock the video how-to's. Simple, clean, and very detailed videos on a variety of topics in their Class A motorhome

Trent and Siobhan (Everyday Family Adventure)

This young couple is touring the country in an older motorhome with 5 (yes, five) boys. It's fun to watch just for where they go and what they do.

Less Junk, More Journey

Nathan & Marissa are a young couple, with a preschooler, in an Airstream. It's fun following the where they go, especially through their 3-year old's eyes.

Traveling Robert

Robert is in Miami, FL and shares his weekend and vacation adventures with us. Most of the videos we've watched have been about FL locations, and we've discovered some places that we'll want to be sure and see.


These folks have a boat-load of info. Yes, pun intended as they split time on land in their very cool bus conversion and on water as they cruise the "Great Loop" (Something they just began)
Seriously. They go over costs, mobile internet, solar and more.

Gone With The Wynns

Have the fun of watching this energetic young couple is how much fun and excitement they share. They are currently full-time sailors (sailing a catamaran all over the place), but before that they were full-time RVer's and have some great how-to's, how-not-to's, travel info, reviews and more

The Motorhome Experiment

Paul and Lorena are a working couple that are also full-time RVers. Most of the videos are where they go. They've been interesting to watch and even rate the places they visit, ranging from Bucket List Item to Don't bother.

Keep Your Daydream  

Marc, Tricia, and 3 teenagers in a travel trailer touring the country. Lot's of what to see footage.

So, some of these folks are in trailers, some are in motorhomes. And when it comes to "how to" do something...a lot of those RV systems are the same, thus one can learn a lot regardless on the unit they are using. Other items, like how to drive a motorhome vs how to back up a trailer...yeah, you,ll want to watch the right one for that :-)

Hope our list helps! (These links are provided for your convenience)
Have a favorite RVer that's not listed here? Share it in the comments below!


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