Saturday, January 27, 2018

Gear Review-Instant Pot IP-Lux 6qt

As I type this, our Instant Pot (IP) is happily cooking away, making a pot of spaghetti for supper tonight (and tomorrow and possibly the day after.) That’s just one of the things we like about this kitchen appliance. 2-3 days’ worth of dinners in a fraction of the time it used to take.

And time saving is one of it’s biggest pluses. Meals that could take 4-5 hours start to finish now take 30-90 minutes.

Another is meals become one pot wonders (well, the ones I make anyway). Spaghetti for instance. Brown the meat, add sauce and pasta, hit the button and wait until it beeps. The turn it off and wait for pressure to release. Voila. One pot. Total time roughly 20-25 minutes.

Hard boiled eggs are a cinch in it and turn out great. Meats are super tender.

The unit draws 1000 watts, which may seem like a lot, but it’s for a much shorter time than stove top or oven cooking, so it does save energy in the long run.

The stainless steel inner pot seems much easier to handle and wash than the crockpot liner in a slow cooker. And it won’t break or chip. I've been impressed with how well it cleans up after use. The unit itself seems very solid and well-constructed.

The Instant Pot can replace multiple small appliances. We were able to get rid of our crockpot and rice cooker. (Donated them to a local thrift store). And while we probably won’t use the feature, you can even make yogurt in it.

In the box you get the IP with a cooking rack, small ladle, rice paddle/spatula, quick start guide and a small cookbook.

We found the cookbook that came with it pretty limited and not too helpful. However, anytime you need a recipe, just search the web…there are a plethora of them out there, ranging from basic to exotic. Or keep an IP cookbook on hand. Various IP accessories are also available.

The operating instructions/owners manual are also very basic.

For RVers, the biggest down side might be size. It’s a bit bulkier than a comparable sized slow cooker. But it’s worth making room to stow it. Remember, it will replace a couple other appliances.

All in all, this has been a great addition to our galley gear. Well, time for dinner. Hope you found our take on the Instant Pot helpful.