Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fort Worth Fun

Christmas lights on fence rail at campground
View from our campsite
We really enjoyed our time in the greater Dallas-Ft Worth area…well, aside from the cold snap that came through and froze things up. Glad we already knew to always have water in the fresh water tank!

Chairs and a stage set up for a church service
Before the conference starts
Our original purpose popping up here in January was to attend a conference at Glory of Zion in Corinth, TX. We got settled into the campground (Destiny RV) and took in the 3-day conference, which was a wonderful and meaningful event for us.

With the cold snap, we decided to stay on a few more days. We did exciting things, like laundry (don’t be jealous now). But we also took a day to go into Ft. Worth to see the Ft. Worth Stockyards.

Now remember, with us, free is good.

Really good.

Longhorn cattle and cowboys
Span on the horns average 6' tip-to-tip.
And for free, we got to see the Ft. Worth Cattle Drive. It’s a re-enactment of the old cattle drives that used to come into Ft Worth, right down the middle of the brick street.

The "drive" starts when someone comes out and gives you a little information about the old drives. Things like the average herd size during the historic drives was 3500 head, most drovers (i.e. cowboys) were in their teens, and yes, there were female drovers too. He also gave some safety tips such stay on the sidewalk and no crouching or kneeling. It is something to see 15 head of cattle, cowboys on horseback in period authentic dress and tack moving along the center of the road in a major city! They move the small herd twice a day so folks can see what it was like back when Ft. Worth was the Wall Street of the south.

2 men talking in room full of historic items
Chris chats with a museum volunteer
We wandered about the historic district for a bit, and then took in the Stock Exchange Museum. While not free…it’s darn close at only $2 each to get in and while small, it had a lot of items from the past including “The 2nd Longest Burning Lightbulb in the World”. It’s been working for 109 years (soon to be 110) The one volunteer we chatted with had all kinds of info for us and was very helpful.

We did do one big splurge tho.

steak dinner with baked potato and iced tea
 Hey, we were in Texas. At the Stockyards. We just had to have a good steak. A friend of ours (Thanks Pastor Aaron) recommended a place called “Risckys”. ( https://risckys.com/risckys-steakhouse )

Good call.

Our “splurge” dining is very rare and when we do, we do it at lunchtime…it’s cheaper that way! The flat iron steak lunch special was super good…and we left so full I didn’t even have to make dinner. Now, that’s a win-win!

Historic cowboy coliseum built in early 1900's
Cowboy Coliseum 
The visitor information center gave us a map for a free, self-guided tour (yeah, we need to go back and do that). On the back of the map was a list of other free things to do in Ft. Worth. Good thing we know we’ll probably be back up here for other conferences…there are museums, gardens, and more!

We also took some time just to drive around and check out other campgrounds. Discovered some good possibilities for the future.

And yes, we know...we didn't even get into Dallas this time other than driving through on I-35 W.

We’re glad we pace our “tourism” moments….it gives us another excuse to go back to an area we like!

Enjoy the journey…. Oh, and if photos aren't large enough, just click on them

cowgirl with longhorn steer wearing saddle and bridle
Photo op anyone? LeAnn and "Patron"

woman riding longhorn steer
Hey, sometimes you just gotta play total tourist. 

Longhorn cattle and cowhands walking down city street
Fort Worth Cattle Drive

historic live stock exchange building with Spanish influenced architecture
Fort Worth Live Stock Exchange. A historic building still in use. Museum is inside.

various items in museum display including native american artifacts
Fort Worth Stockyard Museum had a plethora of items

display featuring female child rodeo star
Even had a section dedicated to female rodeo stars of all ages

Longhorn steer
A zoom lens is a good thing...this is a member of the Ft. Worth Herd.
There's a special area you can walk to with an "overpass" for viewing.

lightbulb that has been burning 109 plus years now in the Forth Worth Stockyard Museum
Still working after all those years....

Old West themed dining room
A dining area at Riscky's Steakhouse

front of historic Stockyard Hotel
Stockyard Hotel

large white historic building houses a western store
White Front Western Store, another Stockyard landmark

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