Saturday, December 30, 2017

Well, that was for the birds…

large white egret flapping its wings
A Great Egret takes flight 
One of the things we enjoyed seeing were all the birds on our excursions around Galveston Island. While not a “bird watcher” in the traditional sense of sitting in the bush waiting for birds to come by, it was still fun to catch them on the fly (literally, sometimes!). After all, we don’t see too many egrets, spoonbills or pelicans (and some I have no clue what they are) in the Black Hills!

We had fun watching the pelicans, and they were quite accessible to photograph as we spent a lot of time on the waterfront and the free ferry run.

They brought to mind the limerick...

A wonderful bird is the pelican
His bill can hold more than his belican
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week
But I'm damned if I see how the helican
                              by Dixon Lanier Merritt

3 brown pelicans
The Three Amigos - Pelican Style?

Great Egret, Snowy Egret and a Roseat Spoonbill
Great Egret, Snowy Egret and a Roseat Spoonbill
A short run on the free ferry to Bolivar got us to an Audubon bird sanctuary.

While there wasn’t a place to park and walk, we did get to see a few egrets and spoonbills who were kind enough to be hanging out closer to the road.

And then, of course, are all the birds that follow the ferries! Yup. Seagulls.

Admittedly, seagulls are plentiful in WA and elsewhere. We’ve seen quite a few of them. But they are still fun to watch as are the little sandpipers and /or plovers that scurry along the water's edge at the beach.

A neighboring RVer passed a bird book along to us. Looks like I've got some learning to do if I keep taking bird photos!

 Yup…this part of Texas is for the birds. Right on the migration path for many varieties. Like I said…some I have no idea what they are and we only saw a few of them. But when you can get that close (with a telephoto lens to help!), you can see the beauty of God’s creation in even most common of birds!

two roseat spoonbill birds
Roseat Spoonbills. 

a small brown and white shorebird
I think this is a Plover

Small gray and white shorebird
and this is a Sandpiper

dark grey water bird
Common Moorhen in the RV park pond

brown bird sitting on a ship's rope
I have no clue what this bird is. Do you know?
I suspect it is a type of crow.
(But I do like the photo.)

brown bird sitting a the side rail of a ferry boat
Hitching a ride on the ferry

black bird sitting on the side of a truck
Yup..this looks like some kind of crow.
Light was hitting his feathers just right.
They looked almost iridescent.

Large white egret flying
Great Egret was right by the road

Great Egret walking
This Great Egret really posed for me.

a flock of seagulls flying behind a ferryboat
Seagulls follow the ferry boats.
Passengers are allowed to feed them from the back of the boat.

Ferry boat hitchhiker

Three seagulls sitting on a life raft canister
I wonder what they know that we don't?
This trio of gulls is sitting on a life raft.

brown pelican flying low over water
It's a challenge to catch birds in flight

Brown pelican starting to fly off
Fly pelican! Fly!

Brown Pelican sitting on a piling
The brown pelican is native to the Texas gulf area

Grebe sitting on a stem in the water
I think this is a grebe. It shows up here at the RV park

Grebe sitting on a stem in the water
"Is this my good side?"

A grebe, a type of water bird, swimming in water
Spotted this grebe at a marina in Port Bolivar.
Pelicans know where the fresh seafood is.
A Fishing boat captain is about to give them a treat.
Yes, we bought some seafood here later.

Brown pelican with wings in full down stroke over water
OK, I admit I liked catching pelicans flying

a group of white pelicans sitting on rocks
White pelicans!?! Yup. They winter here in the Gulf.

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