Monday, December 11, 2017

Texas Seaport Museum

historic Texas Navy uniform, cannon, and artifacts
One of many displays as the Texas Seaport Museum much to see and do in much in fact, that I am giving up on doing a single post about it. That article is already way to long!

Instead, I'll just "spotlight" some of our faves from our stay here.

First up ...Texas Seaport Museum and the Elissa.

The museum had a focus on immigration as one of the displays. Galveston/Pelican Island was 2nd only to Ellis Island in New York for immigration from all of Europe. There was also a special display dedicated to the Texas Navy.

tall ship at dock
SS Elissa
The Elissa is beautiful. She’s a three-masted, iron-hulled sailing ship built in 1877 and is fully restored and operational. Volunteers take her out for an annual sail in the spring.

Yes, It was well worth every penny to walk about her decks and see the museum displays. What we thought would be an hour quickly became over 2 as we toured the Elissa and then the museum. Make sure you watch the video about restoring the Elissa…it’s amazing what it took to bring her back to life.

dolphin fin seen through the rigging of the sailing ship
We spotted some dolphins!
Tip: Look for rack cards for the Elissa (and the Harbor Tours-more on that another time). You'll save $1 per person for up to 6 paid admissions. 

There is indeed a lot of history here! You can learn more about the Elissa at of our favorites! We look forward to visiting her again in the future! 

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