Friday, December 1, 2017

Off we go…

Getting our aviation history
on - some items from WWI
...Into the wild blue yonder…

But with our feet (and RV) still on the ground in Tyler, TX

Not free, but nearly so, is the Tyler Historic Aviation Memorial Museum. (We had a buy one/get one coupon…so yeah. Nearly free. Regular price in Nov 2017 - $6 pp) They are located at the old passenger terminal of the Tyler Pounds regional Airport.

Wow! What a place! Artifacts ranging from the early days of flight all the way through the Space Shuttle. What we thought would be a brief stop turned into a couple hours real fast.

The indoor exhibits are very thoughtfully and carefully laid out with loads of information. We quickly discovered that everywhere we turned, there was something else to see, and I know we didn’t see it all!

Marshall shows Chris the Buckeye Trainer
Admission included a guided tour through the tarmac displays of several (about 10 assorted aircraft were on display) and other artifacts (like an engine from a MIG, an ejection seat out of an F100 fighter and a Jeep).

Marshall was our guide. He flew fighter jets during the Korean War and was very knowledgeable about all the displays.

In addition to what was on display, they have a large storage hanger that's not open to the public.

A portion of Women in Aviation section.
The gift shop had some very nice items. That's one nice thing about RV travel…you don’t buy a lot of souvenirs!

We had a great time, learned a lot, (of course, what we'll remember may be something else!) and we’ll visit there again the next time we come through Tyler! If you’re in the area, add it to your “need to visit list”. Well worth the stop. (Oh...and the parking is free too!)

Checking out another jet with our guide

To learn more or visit, here's their info:

Tyler Historic Aviation Memorial Museum
150 Airport Drive, Box 2-7
Tyler, TX 75704

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