Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More FREE fun!

Thanks to a day of doing laundry, we got tipped off to another freebie here in Galveston. The Tree Sculpture Tour.

Copy of the tall-ship Elissa's figurehead next-door to a blue Victorian home trimmed for Christmas
When the storm surge from Hurricane Ike hit in 2008, it destroyed thousands of trees in Galveston. But with some creativity and perseverance, the locals worked hard with a goal to keep 100% of that wood out of landfills. The timber went to places like tall ship restoration projects, mills, and woodworking artists.

But what to do with the stumps? One answer was the chainsaw sculptor. Several home owners had
the remains of a damaged/destroyed tree turned into a work of art to be enjoyed. That created a 5-mile tour in the East End Historical District. There are 21 sculptures in that area alone, in addition to several more scattered throughout the area.

copy of Tall Ship Elissa figurehead
Tall-ship Elissa figurehead
And so, we took some time to go sculpture hunting. Not only were those pretty cool, but the period homes in the area are stunning, and range from smaller and simpler to massive.

And we haven't seen the Silk Stocking District yet! (Named for the wealthy class that could afford those silk stockings in the 1800’s)

While we didn’t find all the sculptures (some are in back or side yards and we were driving and not walking), we thoroughly enjoyed the sights in the area. Yup, another thing to come back for a do more in detail!

Have you done the Tree Sculpture Tour?

You can learn more about the tour here:

Hope you enjoy the photos!

chainsaw carving of mermaid and dolphins
Mermaid & Dolphins

Victorian stone house that looks like a castle
One of the more impressive homes

2 carved wood egrets
Egrets. They get "dressed" for holidays
Victorian home decorated for Christmas with wood Egret sculpture in garden
Where those egrets live

2 story upper-class Victorian house
Another beautiful home. 

black and white cat on a sidewalk in front of iron fence and flowers
Neighborhood Watch Cat. Yes, it watched our every move.

wood carving of a geisha girl in front of Victorian houses
This one is called Geisha.
Very fun to see the homes dressed up for Christmas 

Small Victorian home with flag
Just a cute, smaller home that was between 2 of the larger ones

yellow lab dog peeking through the front door with a Christmas Wreath hung on door
Someone else was watching me take pictures

Large Victorian Mansion with Widow's Watch decorated for Christmas
Wow. They even decked out the "Widow's Watch".

Yellow and white large Victorian house
Just another "modest" home in a 60 square block area
filled with Victorian delights of all sizes

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