Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Meet Miss Emmy

1998 Fleetwood DiscoveryNow that you’ve met us, meet our RV, Miss Emmy.

She’s a 1998 Fleetwood Discovery diesel pusher (that means she's a rear-engine diesel powered motorhome). 

We don’t have slides, which is one reason why our coach is a ’98. We didn’t want slides. (A slide is an “expandable room” where one wall of the coach slides out to create more space).
OK…I know that’s against the RV industry trends here, but then again, we’re folks who ordered their Jeep with crank windows! Simple is good.

She’s 36’ 10” long and tips the scales at...oh, wait…it’s not polite to talk about a lady’s weight. 

Ooops. I already blew it on her age. Oh well. Her GVWR is 24800 pounds and she's rated to tow 6000 pounds.

But for those of you who are interested, Miss Emmy is powered by a 275 Cummins with a 6 speed Alison transmission.

How Miss Emmy got her name.

We were bringing her back to SD from GA and had some mechanical issue spring up (we feared the transmission, which it wasn’t! – Praise God! It was an oil pressure sensor which in turn threw other sensors off...a relatively minor fix—but that’s another story)

Anyway, we were in NE when the issue started up, and as we nursed her home through the Sand Hills area, going uphill I would tend to say “Come on Big D, fly” (a line from “Hunt for the Red October”). On the downhill side it would be “Good girl Emmy, good girl” (a combo of lines from the movie “Desk Set”) 

Well, Emmy quickly became Miss Emmy and has been ever since. 

And yes, random movie lines and show tunes do pop into my head at times.

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