Thursday, December 7, 2017

Huntsville, Sam Houston and...Snow?

people playing in snow
Snow is a big draw for local Christmas events
Yup...can sure tell we're not in South Dakota anymore.

Christmas festivals in several towns here are touting the fact that they will have REAL snow. Here's a photo from Huntsville, TX where there's a line for folks to get in and play in the snow.

Being raised in Michigan, living an hour from the snow-clad Cascade mountains in WA and most recently in the Black Hills of SD.....well, I guess it's just a novelty for us to see it treated as a special feature. All a matter of perspective!

On the other hand, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum was GREAT!!! We spent well over 2 hours there and still didn’t see it all.

man walking into a room at a museum
Chris heading into the area about Sam Houston's early life.
The museum's vast collection of artifacts was pretty amazing. We learned a LOT about Sam Houston, Texas and U.S. History as he played a key role in the early days of Texas and their fight for freedom from Mexico. Texans seem to be very proud of their history, and I can’t say that I blame them!

And we scored…because of the Huntsville Christmas Fair, the museum had extra things going on too…demonstrations, treats, activities.

We got to talk with the cook and enjoy her free samples of gingerbread and a sugar cookie. Both were really good!

Later we spoke with the gentleman working the forge with his daughter. He took time to really explain smithing, differences in coal, etc. And as we chatted, we found out he also had roots in the PNW, having grown up on Queen Anne Hill. Tis indeed a small world!

If you find yourself in the Huntsville area, do check out the museum. Admission is by donation and there are several buildings including homes that the Houston family lived in, the main museum with displays and artifacts and buildings that we didn’t get to. (We should have started earlier and packed a lunch!) And the grounds we're delightful.

Here's where to find it:
Sam Houston Memorial Museum
1402 19th St
Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 294-1832

Hope you enjoy the photos!

duck swimming
These interesting looking ducks were among the farm birds
wandering freely on the grounds.

woman dressed as colonial texan cook with food
The cook had some wonderful gingerbread
and cookie samples

Woodland House where the Houston family lived for several years

man in pioneer blacksmith shed
Blacksmith explaining how nails were made in the 1800's

Steamboat house
Steamboat House where Sam Houston spent his last days

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