Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Well, we’ve been full-timing now for well over a month. Overall, the transition has been good.

We’ve made it thru brake-downs, high winds, freezing temps, snow, equipment installs, window replacement, driving rains, mobile repairs, new cell phone, failing fridge, heavy rains, big city crazy traffic, country roads, fog, toad towing, mail forwarding, and the continuing learning curve.

We’ve driven through SD, NE, AR, MO and TX (so far)

We’ve gone from living at over 3500’ in the Black Hills to about 10’ in TX.

We’ve had 10% humidity to 100% humidity and temperatures ranging from 5 degrees to 75 degrees

Our wardrobe has not changed much, but every 4 weeks I get my haircut somewhere different. 

We’ve gone from about 1750 sq. ft. of living space to roughly 290 sq. ft. of living space.

Coin Laundry instead of our own laundry and believe it or not…that has its advantages! You get to do 2-3 loads all at the same time, which means it all gets done in about an hour or so instead of most the day. It’s also a great place to work on the blog and/or meet fellow RV folks.

Figuring out and settling into a travel pace that used to be 8 hours or more on the road to 2 hours on the road. 

Figuring out blogging and Instagram and how best/what to use of social media, cameras, etc.

Settling into a new routine that's totally different from our old work-life routine.

Pacing playing tourist. Yup..there's no way to do it in one place at one time."traditional" RV propane to Instant Pot and Induction burners. (Yes, we still use the grill too...when the weather and daylight co-operates!)

And learning so much more. 

Would we trade it? Nope (Although we wouldn't object to giving up certain unplanned repairs!) It's been fun, crazy, stressful, exciting, and so much more. We've been used by God to help others, and many times we haven't even known it until later. And God has sent folks to help us when we've needed it. It's been an adventure alright...and we're so excited to see what's next as we go...

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