Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What’s for Dinner?

That’s one thing that doesn’t change when going from a “sticks and bricks” house into the nomadic lifestyle of being a full-time RVer.

Yup…still gotta eat.

For us, the biggest adjustment is going from cooking with electric to cooking with gas (propane). God had us start simplifying what we cook a few years ago, and the biggest change from over the past few years, as in I no longer bake like I used to. About all I used an oven for was the occasional take-n-bake bread or to broil up hot dogs or hamburgers.

But with the Microwave/Convection oven we have the take & bake foods covered, our O-Grill takes care of grilled meats, and we also added the Instant Pot to our cooking arsenal, which will be great for stews, soups, and whatever else I get brave and try in it. I’m looking forward to learning more about using it and am thankful for all the folks who have already used, and shared their expertise!

Instant pot on RV counter
By the way, I have used the Instant Pot so far for hard boiled eggs, one pot spaghetti, and a taco chicken bowl. Oh yeah! The way to go! Looking forward to trying some other dishes!

We’ll also be adding an induction burner to the collection. They seem to be quite popular in the RV community, and after doing some research, I can see why! Faster, cleaner, and safer than gas. And it means we don’t have to have the propane system running in order to cook. We shut it down overnight (or when we’re away from camp) for safety, which means no cooking until someone (usually Chris) goes outside and turns it back on.

So some learning curves on the new gear are in store. We ordered the induction burner this morning and will be able to start "playing" with it soon. (No one, and I do mean no one had one in stock. Amazon to the rescue. They ship to where we are) Let the RV culinary adventure continue!

And yes, I know I said I would probably blog only twice a may actually morph into more often as I keep discovering things to share. Let me know your thoughts on how often in the comments below.

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