Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy 1 Week Nomadiversary

Yes, just 1 week ago we closed on our home and hit the open road… sort of. Our first few days were spent just an hour from our former house getting some much-needed repairs made at Eddies Truck and I-90 RV (We highly recommend them-they both do great, and honest, work!), and dealing with our first adventures in cold weather camping.

Reflectix insulation on our windshield
Cold weather camping adventures you say? Why yes…as in, “It’s going to be how cold?!?! Better get a heated fresh water hose and insulate the windows!”

So, we stopped by Menards and got 2 rolls of Relflectix insulation (picture Mylar-coated bubble-wrap). Not exactly a fashion statement, but it does help. Just wish I could remember what vlog I saw that idea on! We’ll recycle those into hot weather too…to reflect the heat of the sun!

Blue water hose is heated. The bay it goes into is heated.
Unfortunately, the campgroun
Our coach, fortunately, has a heated basement with emphasis on the fresh and waste water bays. Our heated water hose worked great. The non-insulated campground spigot, on the other hand, not so much. I got to thaw with my hair dryer…the hair dryer I almost sold at our yard sale and at the last minute decided to keep! (Thank you God!) Lesson learned: Keep the water tank full and disconnect all hoses. (Also, be sure to weight/hold down the sewer hose when dumping me on this. UGH!)

RV in a snowy campground
Our route to go south actually started with going east, to White Lake, SD. We stayed at the Siding 36 Campground right along I-90. Nice sites, lots of room and highway noise wasn’t too bad…of course, it was only 15 out so the closed windows and running furnace may have had an impact. 

After a fuel stop in Plankington, SD we made our way to Sioux Falls and then headed south to Pender, NE, the home of Blue Ox to have our tow bar and braking system installed. YAY! No more "follow the leader"!)

And yes…it’s still cold! Our wind chill factor this morning was -5! (But at least the campsite was free and with full hookups!)

We also added an Instant Pot to our cooking arsenal…so far so good! I’ve only done hard boiled eggs and spaghetti, but then we've only had it less than a week.

And I think I figured out a posting schedule of 1-2 times/week, with Friday being the more consistent day. That's the plan anyway...but we know what happens to those, right?

Thanks for joining us on our journey! The heat seeking trek continues southward!

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