Monday, November 13, 2017

Brake Down

They say it’s not a case of if, but when, an RV will break down. In our case, it was a “brake” down.

We had pulled off for the night in St. Joseph, MO at the Sharp RV Park. Just inside in their driveway we shut down the engine while we registered since we both went into the office. After we got our site number (a pull-thru site just 30 feet away), we went back to Miss Emmy and fired up the engine. She started fine, but the air brake system didn’t get the memo…it just wouldn’t build the air pressure back up, which means no brakes, which means you don’t go anywhere.

So-back in the office we go, where the owners tried to help us with a few phone calls. Striking out there we called our Good Sam Road Service, who then sent Kirk's Mobile Repair out. It was a long wait for the mechanic, who had to wrap up another call before coming out to us, but it was worth it.

We thought it could be a broken airline. Nope. Apparently, there’s a filter that pulls water out of the air brakes, and it had come loose enough to lose all the air in the system (but not so loose it fell off, praise God!) So, our bill was quite reasonable for a night time emergency road call with a company that’s 70 miles away as there was only 15 minutes of labor!!

Even though breakdowns are not fun, there were a lot of praises in this:
  1. It didn’t happen until we were safely of the road and in the campground driveway
  2. The Sharps RV Campground owners were wonderfully helpful and understanding
  3. The campground had 2 entry/exit driveways, so access was not restricted for anyone
  4. It was 45 degrees out instead of the 15 (5 with wind chill! BRRRR!) that we had in Pender, NE
  5. The loose filter did not fall off somewhere on the road, so it only needed re-tightening
  6. We had a lot of folks praying for us
  7. The mechanic from Kirk's Mobile Repair was nice, honest, and explained things.
  8. We did not have to get towed anywhere and were able to move into the campsite easily
  9. We were able to extend our stay an extra day without hassle
  10. We could unhitch the Jeep and park it in the campsite until after repairs were made, which made room for folks to get around us safely
  11. We were level enough to cook dinner, relax and stay warm while waiting for road service
  12. God is taking care of us, even when we can’t see it right away
Motorhome towing a Jeep
Our coach, Miss Emmy, is better now and we are back on the road!

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