Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What’s for Dinner?

That’s one thing that doesn’t change when going from a “sticks and bricks” house into the nomadic lifestyle of being a full-time RVer.

Yup…still gotta eat.

For us, the biggest adjustment is going from cooking with electric to cooking with gas (propane). God had us start simplifying what we cook a few years ago, and the biggest change from over the past few years, as in I no longer bake like I used to. About all I used an oven for was the occasional take-n-bake bread or to broil up hot dogs or hamburgers.

But with the Microwave/Convection oven we have the take & bake foods covered, our O-Grill takes care of grilled meats, and we also added the Instant Pot to our cooking arsenal, which will be great for stews, soups, and whatever else I get brave and try in it. I’m looking forward to learning more about using it and am thankful for all the folks who have already used, and shared their expertise!

Instant pot on RV counter
By the way, I have used the Instant Pot so far for hard boiled eggs, one pot spaghetti, and a taco chicken bowl. Oh yeah! The way to go! Looking forward to trying some other dishes!

We’ll also be adding an induction burner to the collection. They seem to be quite popular in the RV community, and after doing some research, I can see why! Faster, cleaner, and safer than gas. And it means we don’t have to have the propane system running in order to cook. We shut it down overnight (or when we’re away from camp) for safety, which means no cooking until someone (usually Chris) goes outside and turns it back on.

So some learning curves on the new gear are in store. We ordered the induction burner this morning and will be able to start "playing" with it soon. (No one, and I do mean no one had one in stock. Amazon to the rescue. They ship to where we are) Let the RV culinary adventure continue!

And yes, I know I said I would probably blog only twice a may actually morph into more often as I keep discovering things to share. Let me know your thoughts on how often in the comments below.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Free is good…

Hood ornament on a 1930's Willy's Knight
…And we like free. 

We stumbled across a nice little free gem while here in Texarkana, TX.

Well, stumbled on it with the help of the brochure rack at Texas Tourist Information Center.

The gem? The Four States Auto Museum in the historic downtown district of Texarkana. And yes, admission is Free. All they ask is that you sign the guest book.

Cars of various makes and ages, vintage gas pumps, dealer signs, tools and more are thoughtfully laid out in the old building that once housed a carriage maker and we enjoyed chatting with the two gentlemen who were overseeing it that day. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

If you’re in the area, you’ll want to stop by. Even if you’re not a car nut, this brief dip into automotive history is worth a stop. 

Four States Auto Museum with Jeep Four States Auto Museum
217 Laurel Street
Texarkana, AR 71854

antique cars
Cars on display are rotated as different owners
allow the museum to showcase their car.
Chris really liked the Packard 

vintage 1948 Harley Davidson motorcycle
1948 Harley Davidson

old truck
1925 Chevrolet 1 ton truck
(Do you see Superman's cape in the phone booth?)

antique Willys Night automobile
1930's Willys Night
Our Jeep's great-great grandpa?

antique race car
Old racer from back in the day

Gas pumps
Gas pumps and other memorabilia 

Friday, November 24, 2017

About Us

Chris and Betsy (As We Go)
(L to R) Betsy and Chris a.k.a "As We Go"
So, who is/am/are the folks who call themselves “As We Go”?

Well, that would be us. Chris and Betsy. A couple of kids from SE Michigan who met, got married and loved road trips.

An employment opportunity took us to Seattle, WA where we lived for nearly 30 years, were active in our church, raised our family of four, and still loved road trips.

Fast forward several years. The kids are all grown and on their own, and God led us to move to SD. There, in addition to working, we were active in our church and He used us to start a community theatre (check them out at  And yes, taking road trips. Mostly back to see the kids.

Those road trips led us back into camping, and now you find us traveling the country in an RV.

And why do we call ourselves “As We Go”?

It was inspired by a conversation with our dear friends, David and Martha. We were discussing the verse in Matthew 28:19. “Go ye therefore…” and how the original language the phrasing is more like “As you are going…”. The next morning it hit me… "As you go” …well, for us, that’s “As we go”.  A reminder that it is the Lord who sets our directions, guides our steps, and puts people in our path.

So, our travel plans are very flexible, and we look forward to what God has in store for us in this season of life of exploring this nation of ours. And yes, we will make it up to see our kids…and grand-kids…as often as we can!

Support Us!

If you would like to support us, it's easy. Just shop our ads!

We're direct affiliates for the Frugal Shunpiker Guides and Passport America. Two things we have found very helpful to us in our travels, and think you will too. If you purchase through our links, we get a small "commission" and you get a GREAT resource!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks with a grateful heart 1 Thessalonians 5:18
It’s been a wild first few weeks of Full-Time RV life! 

We’ve had planned and unplanned repairs, roadwork, new pavement, old pavement, great roads, narrow roads, twisty back roads, Nice weather, cold weather, windy weather, rain, snow ….whew! 

We even squeezed in a modification (new faucet in galley) and upgrading our main cell phone (kudos to Lance and Tanisha at the Texarkana Verizon).

Oh…and of course a little bit of playing tourist and normal life stuff like grocery shopping and laundry. 

So glad the Lord led us to stay put for a week in Texarkana while we come up for air!

In spite of all the crazy, wild, fun, not-so-fun and even normal stuff (see our previous posts for some of them), we have LOTS to be thankful for. Here are just a few of them:
  • Jesus
  • The fact we can do what we now do
  • Our family and friends
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Technology
  • Changing seasons
  • The faithfulness of God
  • and so much more!

And so we can...
Give thanks to the Lord,
for He is good!

Psalm 107:1

May you all have a wonderfully blessed and "Thank-Full" Thanksgiving!

Give thanks with a grateful heart 1 Thessalonians 5:18 image found at

Friday, November 17, 2017

Two Weeks In

Branson Sign
Well, our 2nd week started off with a bang…or a brake anyway when an air brake dryer filter came loose and we got stuck in the campground drive…see our previous post “Brake Down” for more on how the week started.

rv and jeep in campsite
Great full hook up campsite!
After we got Miss Emmy back on the road, we headed down to Branson, MO. We hadn’t seen the Ozarks before and loved it. Gorgeous scenery, even in the autumn drizzle. We stayed at the Ozark Country Campground, which was a delight. Spacious sights, clean, quiet, and friendly. Even had some deer come romping through! The back roads to get there were pretty winding, but it was worth the trip for the quiet! Our original plan was to stay 2 nights, but more on that later.

We enjoyed a relaxing evening in the campsite, and the next day set off on an explore of Branson.

historic downtown branson
Heading into the historic downtown area of Branson
 Yup. We’ll be back.

We didn’t catch any shows this trip (the options for a Tuesday were pretty slim), but we enjoyed wandering about the historic downtown area, the river front and the old train depot. All in all, a pleasant day despite the chilly fall weather and rain.

The hills were covered in fog and mist, which was very cool looking. Everyone was super friendly in town too, even other visitors and tour groups.
water fountain
I don't know what we expected to find in Branson
 but we were surprised by this waterfront fountain.
It put on quite a show!

The next morning, we got all set up to pull out, and lo and behold, once again the brake system wouldn’t air up. So, another call to Good Sam road service, who sent out Affordable Towing from Springfield. Several hours later, they arrived and the young mechanic discovered the same filter had come loose…again. So, he pulled it, cleaned the threads and O ring gasket, and put it back in with some extra “oomph” and told us we needed to get it replaced at the next shop we came to (as opposed to paying him 4 hours in travel time + parts + labor) He did a great job, and we stayed a third night.
two men with a ladder working on a motorhome
RV Fog Dr crew started in on the work before we even got
 the Jeep unhitched! Great experience there

Our plan then, make it to Searcy where we had an appointment for glass work at RV Fog Dr. They could fix one window and have to special order new glass for the rest of them, so we’ll be back up this way again in couple months.

While the glass work got done, we caught up on laundry (yup, still have that to do!) and tracked down a local truck repair shop that was very happy to work on Miss Emmy. Camping that night was at RV Fog Dr. where they had hookups to use.

mechanic under an RV while a man watches
Chris listening to the mechanic explain about the filter
Which brings us to today. We were able to get in right away to the mechanic, Roadmaster Diesel Repair, in Searcy, AR. Glad we did…super nice folks and very helpful. Near as they could figure…it was the original filter and air brake dryer and had a difficult time finding the right part. Their regular supplier didn’t have one in stock down in Little Rock. But as God would have it, a local shop “just happened” to have one on hand. It’s all back together now and should be good to go!

motorhome in a campground
Our site at Whitney Lane Campground. See the noisy neighbors?
Neither do we :-)
We’re ending the week at Whitney Lane Campground. A small, private campground in Kensett, AR. A little tired, but nice, and plenty of room in our site. Historic too, although we didn’t see any monuments (of course, we weren’t looking either) apparently there was a Civil War Battle here, the Battle of Whitney Lane. The campground owners had a copy of a newspaper article about it hung up in the office area. 

man working on plumbing under a sink
Chris quickly found, and fixed our "surprise" leak
Once we got set up in our site, we discovered a leak under the galley sink! Fortunately it seems to be an easy fix as Chris was able to re-tighten a loose connection. Never a dull moment in the RV life!

In the morning, our southward trek continues! We haven’t decided yet if we’ll push to Texas, or take one more night in AR on the way. Either way, we know God is leading us step by step (or "wheel turn by wheel turn”) in this grand adventure. Hope you all had a great week!

*Links are provided as a courtesy to those who may be interested. We did not receive any compensation from the mentioned businesses for including these links.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Brake Down

They say it’s not a case of if, but when, an RV will break down. In our case, it was a “brake” down.

We had pulled off for the night in St. Joseph, MO at the Sharp RV Park. Just inside in their driveway we shut down the engine while we registered since we both went into the office. After we got our site number (a pull-thru site just 30 feet away), we went back to Miss Emmy and fired up the engine. She started fine, but the air brake system didn’t get the memo…it just wouldn’t build the air pressure back up, which means no brakes, which means you don’t go anywhere.

So-back in the office we go, where the owners tried to help us with a few phone calls. Striking out there we called our Good Sam Road Service, who then sent Kirk's Mobile Repair out. It was a long wait for the mechanic, who had to wrap up another call before coming out to us, but it was worth it.

We thought it could be a broken airline. Nope. Apparently, there’s a filter that pulls water out of the air brakes, and it had come loose enough to lose all the air in the system (but not so loose it fell off, praise God!) So, our bill was quite reasonable for a night time emergency road call with a company that’s 70 miles away as there was only 15 minutes of labor!!

Even though breakdowns are not fun, there were a lot of praises in this:
  1. It didn’t happen until we were safely of the road and in the campground driveway
  2. The Sharps RV Campground owners were wonderfully helpful and understanding
  3. The campground had 2 entry/exit driveways, so access was not restricted for anyone
  4. It was 45 degrees out instead of the 15 (5 with wind chill! BRRRR!) that we had in Pender, NE
  5. The loose filter did not fall off somewhere on the road, so it only needed re-tightening
  6. We had a lot of folks praying for us
  7. The mechanic from Kirk's Mobile Repair was nice, honest, and explained things.
  8. We did not have to get towed anywhere and were able to move into the campsite easily
  9. We were able to extend our stay an extra day without hassle
  10. We could unhitch the Jeep and park it in the campsite until after repairs were made, which made room for folks to get around us safely
  11. We were level enough to cook dinner, relax and stay warm while waiting for road service
  12. God is taking care of us, even when we can’t see it right away
Motorhome towing a Jeep
Our coach, Miss Emmy, is better now and we are back on the road!

*Links are provided as a courtesy to those who may be interested. We did not receive any compensation from the mentioned businesses for including these links.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy 1 Week Nomadiversary

Yes, just 1 week ago we closed on our home and hit the open road… sort of. Our first few days were spent just an hour from our former house getting some much-needed repairs made at Eddies Truck and I-90 RV (We highly recommend them-they both do great, and honest, work!), and dealing with our first adventures in cold weather camping.

Reflectix insulation on our windshield
Cold weather camping adventures you say? Why yes…as in, “It’s going to be how cold?!?! Better get a heated fresh water hose and insulate the windows!”

So, we stopped by Menards and got 2 rolls of Relflectix insulation (picture Mylar-coated bubble-wrap). Not exactly a fashion statement, but it does help. Just wish I could remember what vlog I saw that idea on! We’ll recycle those into hot weather too…to reflect the heat of the sun!

Blue water hose is heated. The bay it goes into is heated.
Unfortunately, the campgroun
Our coach, fortunately, has a heated basement with emphasis on the fresh and waste water bays. Our heated water hose worked great. The non-insulated campground spigot, on the other hand, not so much. I got to thaw with my hair dryer…the hair dryer I almost sold at our yard sale and at the last minute decided to keep! (Thank you God!) Lesson learned: Keep the water tank full and disconnect all hoses. (Also, be sure to weight/hold down the sewer hose when dumping me on this. UGH!)

RV in a snowy campground
Our route to go south actually started with going east, to White Lake, SD. We stayed at the Siding 36 Campground right along I-90. Nice sites, lots of room and highway noise wasn’t too bad…of course, it was only 15 out so the closed windows and running furnace may have had an impact. 

After a fuel stop in Plankington, SD we made our way to Sioux Falls and then headed south to Pender, NE, the home of Blue Ox to have our tow bar and braking system installed. YAY! No more "follow the leader"!)

And yes…it’s still cold! Our wind chill factor this morning was -5! (But at least the campsite was free and with full hookups!)

We also added an Instant Pot to our cooking arsenal…so far so good! I’ve only done hard boiled eggs and spaghetti, but then we've only had it less than a week.

And I think I figured out a posting schedule of 1-2 times/week, with Friday being the more consistent day. That's the plan anyway...but we know what happens to those, right?

Thanks for joining us on our journey! The heat seeking trek continues southward!

*Links are provided as a courtesy to those who may be interested. We did not receive any compensation from the mentioned businesses for including these links.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Moving Day

Since we're moving (finally) from our transitional/get RV work done campsite, I really haven't been able to focus on writing anything.

But all is not are a few "throwbacks" from my earlier attempts at blogging from over on the RVillage website. (Hopefully you can get to them. If not, I'll recreate them as another post.)

To Blog or Not to Blog

All the Timing

What Do You Do When You're Waiting

Blessed Are The Flexible
And We're Off...

Now, no one said I had to say this...but if you are an RVer of any level, you may want to check out It's a great resource for all levels of RVers, from dreamers to long-time full-timers.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

And we're off

The first step of going is to get started.
Actually, to go further's to have the vision and desire to go.
And we've done just that. Chris and I have always loved travel and road trips, and God has given us the vision, the desire, and the means to do it full-time.

Our ultimate road trip will first take us south to Texas where we will spend part of the winter. Later we'll venture up to the Pacific NW. From there, we'll see where the Lord leads us next.

Join us on our journey as full-time RVers while we explore this wonderful country of ours. (And figure out this thing called "blogging")