Friday, January 31, 2020

Month in Review-January 2020

Okay, I admit it. It’s a challenge to juggle social media and blog and YouTube. Especially since I’m still learning video editing. (check out our YouTube channel at: )

 In an attempt to get more consistent now on our blog, we’re launching “month in review”. It will cover a quick look at what we did and what the RV lifestyle costs us in that month. Once we're traveling again, we'll include campground info as well.

So, what do a couple retirees do their at the winter layover location? Here’s how January 2020 looked for us:

Weekly trips into Galveston for shopping and any other errands that can’t be done on the Bolivar Peninsula. (We love the free Texas State Ferry system!) And we found a great local church to attend...Crystal Beach Community Church.

Maintain Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We’re doing a lot of catch-up from 2019 with our videos. This month we uploaded these:

We take walks and enjoy getting out on the beach. The Bolivar Peninsula offers easy access to over 20 miles of drive-able and camp-able beach on the Texas Gulf Coast.  All you need is the annual $10 beach permit which is readily available at several businesses on the peninsula.

And we did some maintenance and repair on our coach, like replacing one of the gas struts on a basement door.

We took in some history this month with Galveston Museum Day. Several museums take this day to offer up free or deeply discounted admissions. We took in two (free) places…. the Bishops Palace and The Grand 1894 Opera House. Videos for those will be uploaded in a month or so. (If you subscribe to our YouTube channel and sign up for Notifications,You'll be among the first to know when our videos post 😉)

It was also a month to celebrate. Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary to us. We enjoyed running errands (yes, that’s normal for us), the free ferry boat ride, seeing lots of marine traffic and the celebrated with dinner out at the Stingaree restaurant in Crystal Beach Texas…our favorite place for splurge dining. Good food and great views of the Intracoastal Waterway.

 Bottom line…January was a good month of our RV life.

So, what does this lifestyle cost us anyway? Here’s a “big picture”, in general terms, run-down for you. Your experiences and costs may vary, but if you’re wondering about your own future plans, we hope you find this helpful.

Fixed Expenses (i.e. campground fees, insurance, cellphones, etc…):  $1340

Fuel:  Jeep - $40   RV - $0 (after all, she’s not going anywhere at the moment 😉)

Repairs and Maintenance: $14

Shopping (i.e. groceries, sundries, etc): $730 (5 shopping trips this month)

Entertainment and Misc. (i.e. eating out, admissions, etc) $300

Hope you found this helpful! Safe travels to you, and who knows, As We Go, maybe someday we'll see you on the road!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Holiday Traditions


It’s a key player in almost every family and on almost every holiday.

When we lived our sticks and bricks life, the holidays meant it was time to haul out the holly, and lights, and tinsel, and tree, and…well, you get the picture.

Outdoor lights were hung, the wreath on the front door, the multi-piece manger carefully placed, and the 7-foot tall tree decorated all on Thanksgiving weekend.

Oh, and Black Friday was, and is, not one of our traditions. Tried it once about 20 years ago…so not worth it.

And food…well, let’s just say more than enough for Cox’s Army, even when times were tough. Turkey and trimmings, pies, fudge, party mix, and several kinds of cookies (and lots of them).

Even after the kids were grown and it’s just the two of us.

And always a night or two of driving around to check out different neighborhoods and their Christmas light displays.

Well, now that we’re full-time RVers, traditions have changed a bit to fit our current season of life.

Our 7-foot tree and half dozen large totes of Christmas décor have become a 2-foot tree and a couple of plastic shoeboxes.

Thanksgiving dinner has become Marie Callenders turkey dinner… tastes good, minimal prep and cleanup, and we don’t overeat with it. (Although I admit, I do miss the leftovers). Christmas we grill a couple of steaks.

I haven’t baked years now. I don’t need it, and Chris can’t eat it…soooo… why bother.

Our kids now carry on those traditions with their families, right down to some of the same recipes. And we are starting some new, and simpler traditions for ourselves..

We still put up some lights out side. Since we are “stationary” for the holidays, it’s fun to do. And instead of decorating the entire living room, the dashboard becomes the home of our little tree and one-piece Nativity.

We check to see what some of the local festivities are. In our current winter base of Crystal Beach, Texas, they have started an annual Christmas Festival. The first one was this year and they combined it with the lighting of the community Christmas Tree.

Last year we checked out Dickens on the Strand. We enjoyed it so much, we went again this year, and plan on going anytime were here.

This year, we added another new one. Instead of driving around and attempting to find neighborhood Christmas light displays, we went to Moody Gardens to check out the ice sculpture exhibit (Ice Land) and their mile-long Festival of Lights. Looks like we’ll be adding the Festival of Lights to our traditions!

You can check out our Holiday playlist on YouTube for a glimpse of some these events. Here's one of the videos:

So while some traditions remain the same, it’s a simpler life now and we’re able to focus more on the “why” of the holiday season instead of the “what”.

We hope your holidays are all the you hope for as you remember the “why”.

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Route 66-Conoco Tower

Route 66

It’s iconic Americana at it’s best. As we made a trek to OR in 2018, we decided to travel part of the Mother Road and enjoy what we could. Things like the Conoco Tower in Shamrock, TX that we feature in this video. This time, we were traveling under a deadline…so we missed a few things.

Okay, a lot of things. But we’ll do a few videos showing what we did get to see and yes, we are planning to get back.

In the meantime, we’ll be catching up on our backlog of footage, and will share a few more peeks from places along Route 66.

Safe travels, and as we go, maybe we’ll see you on the road.